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Applying for a UK Same-Sex Partner Visa | A Complete Guide

same-sex partner visa

A Same-Sex Partner Visa allows an individual who is in a genuine and subsisting same-sex relationship, and has cohabited for the last 2 years with a British Citizen, to live, work, and study in the UK. This visa ensures that same-sex couples have equal rights in terms of immigration, providing a viable route to live together in […]

UK Spouse Visa 10-Year Route Requirements | 2024 Legal Guide

spouse 10-year route

The UK spouse visa 10-year route provides an immigration route for individuals who may not meet all the requirements of the 5-year spouse visa route, to settle in the UK. This visa also offers a pathway to obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), leading to a stable and settled life in the UK. UK Spouse […]

Does a Fiancé Visa Lead to ILR? | A 2024 Immigration Guide

Fiance Visa

What Is A UK Fiancé Visa? A fiancé visa, also known as a Prospective Marriage Visa, allows individuals to enter the UK for the purpose of marrying their UK-based partner. It’s a common first step for couples planning to live together in the UK. To apply for a UK Fiancé Visa, individuals must submit their […]

Can I Live in the UK If I Marry a British Citizen?

Marriage to a UK citizen

Marrying a British citizen is usually a significant milestone in someone’s life., however, a common question that entails this is: “Does marrying a British citizen automatically grant me the right to live in the UK?”? The straightforward answer is “not always”. It is a common misconception that marriage to a British national automatically grants the no-British national […]

Apply For ILR In The UK | Spouse Visa Route In 2024


The UK Spouse Visa and Indefinite Leave to Remain are key milestones for partners of British citizens or individuals settled in the UK, as they start the route towards permanent residency and eventually, citizenship. Obtaining a Spouse Visa ILR requires both correct legal documentation and the proper, professional The key advantage? It grants the holder the freedom to live, […]