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UK Unmarried Partner Visa | A Comprehensive Guide

UK unmarried partners

Unmarried Partner Key Takeaways Table Key Points Details Eligibility Applicants must prove a genuine relationship of 2 years, meet a £29,000 income threshold, be over 18, and pass English tests. Required Documents Applicants should submit passports, proof of residency, relationship evidence, cohabitation proof, financial records, and others like criminal checks. Application Process You will need […]

UK Spouse Visa Genuine & Subsisting Relationship Requirement

spouse visa genuine relationship requirement

Introduction When applying for a UK spouse visa, it is crucial for applicants to demonstrate that they are in a genuine and subsisting relationship. This requirement ensures that their relationship is legitimate, honest, and continuous, and hasn’t been fabricated solely for immigration purposes. Unlike other visa requirements, there is no official checklist for this criteria […]

How to Meet the UK Spouse Visa Accommodation Requirement

spouse visa accommodation requirements

Introduction When applying for a UK spouse visa, it’s crucial to understand and meet various requirements, including financial and accommodation criteria. A lot of attention is often given to the financial requirements, however, the accommodation requirement is equally as important and shouldn’t be overlooked. Key Point Description Financial Requirements Meeting the minimum income threshold is […]

Applying for a UK Same-Sex Partner Visa | A Complete Guide

same-sex partner visa

A Same-Sex Partner Visa allows an individual who is in a genuine and subsisting same-sex relationship, and has cohabited for the last 2 years with a British Citizen, to live, work, and study in the UK. This visa ensures that same-sex couples have equal rights in terms of immigration, providing a viable route to live together in […]

Combining Income for a UK Spouse Visa | Essential Guide

combining income

Introduction To secure a UK partner or family visa, applicants must meet the strict minimum financial requirement as outlined in Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules which mandates applicants earn a minimum annual income of £29,000 (excluding the additional amount required for any child dependants on the spouse visa). In this article, we aim to […]

How to Track a UK Spouse Visa Application | A Complete Guide

track UK spouse visa

Introduction If you’ve applied for a UK spouse visa, waiting for a decision from Home Office, especially if your future plans, like traveling, working; and studying in the UK, are dependant on a positive result and a timely response. In this guide we aim to break down the complete process of tracking your UK spouse […]

How to Extend a UK Fiancé Visa | A Complete Guide

extending a UK spouse visa

Key Takeaway Points Key Information Details Eligibility for extension Criteria for who can apply Required documents List of documents needed for application Step-by-step extension process Detailed guide on the application steps Financial implications Overview of financial requirements Connection to Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) How an extension impacts the path to ILR Understanding the Extension […]

How To Include a Child Dependant on a UK Spouse Visa

Spouse visa child dependant 

When applying for a UK Spouse Visa, applicants should understand the intricacies involved in including children on the visa as a dependant. In this article, we aim to break down some of the complexities for individuals applying for a Spouse Visa who also have children to consider. The process can be quite complex, and knowing the […]

What Happens to a Spouse Visas a Divorce or Separation?

spouse visa after divorce

What Is a UK Spouse Visa? Spouse visas allow non-UK nationals to live, work, and study in the UK on the basis of their marriage to a British citizen or someone with settled status. However, the characteristics of this visa can change drastically if a separation or divorce between the UK national and non-resident takes […]

How to Appeal a Spouse Visa Refusal in the UK

spouse visa appeal

Obtaining a spouse visa in the UK can be intricate and difficult challenge. However, it’s important to remember that there are clear, actionable steps that you can take to contest and potentially overturn this decision, such as appealing the decision or submitting a fresh submission In this article we aim to cover the basics and […]