How much is a Spouse Visa UK in 2024

Spouse Visa

All UK Family Visa immigration routes, including the UK Spouse Visa, will undergo major changes in 2024. Beginning on April 11th, there will be modifications to the financial threshold.

Applying for a spouse visa is essential if you’re from overseas and wish to live with your partner in the UK. The crucial question is, however, how much does it cost in one of the most expensive nations on earth? Particularly with the uncertainties surrounding UK immigration policy right now, prices are subject to regular changes.

Understanding the current fees clearly is essential. This page seeks to provide information on the cost of a spouse visa in the UK in 2024, the procedure, and other topics. For a thorough explanation of the expenses and procedures involved in applying for a spouse visa, continue reading.

Eligibility Requirements For UK Spouse Visa

A spouse visa application must successfully navigate the eligibility conditions. To give you a complete picture of what to anticipate and how to get ready, this section will go over these prerequisites.

Requirements for Getting a UK Spouse Visa
The following are some of the most crucial conditions you need to meet in order to submit an application for a UK spouse visa:

Minimum Age: One of the most important prerequisites for applying for a spouse visa in the UK is meeting the minimum age requirement. Sponsoring partner’s age must be at least eighteen. This age threshold guarantees the sponsor a level of maturity and accountability that is necessary to carry out the process.

Genuine Relationship Test: Passing the genuine relationship exam is a prerequisite for applying. The genuineness of your connection may be thoroughly examined by the Home Office to make sure it’s not a ruse to evade UK immigration laws. Evidence of your relationship’s validity can be derived from shared assets, real estate, children, photographs, and correspondence logs.

Recognition of Overseas Marriages: The UK Home Office must acknowledge your marriage or civil partnership in order for your spouse visa application to be approved. Even while the majority of marriages abroad are accepted, it’s a good idea to be sure before starting the application procedure to make sure there are no unforeseen issues.

Valid Marriage Or Civil Partnership: Last but not least, you must be able to provide a legally valid marriage or civil partnership certificate. This document acts as a keystone of your supporting evidence and validates your relationship’s status.

Financial Requirements For A UK Spouse Visa

The main financial need for a UK spouse visa is being able to make the required minimum income.

As of April 11, 2024, the financial threshold required for ALL family visas is £29,000. Increases to £34,500 later in the year and £38,700 by the beginning of 2025 will come after this. This criteria is frequently modified by the UK government. Please check our page on family visa financial criteria or get in touch with us directly for the most recent information on how to comply with the new standards.

However, what happens if your salary isn’t enough to reach this income criteria as the sponsoring partner? Alternatively, you could use your funds to cover the necessary expenses. As of right now, the savings amount is £62,500; on April 11th, 2024, it will increase to £88,500.

The financial requirements rise in situations where the applicant is also bringing dependent children to the UK. The sponsor needs to make an extra £3,800 annually for the first child and an additional £2,400 annually for each additional child. It’s crucial to account for these supplementary expenses in your budgetary preparation when requesting a UK spouse visa for dependents.

How Much Is A Spouse Visa UK Cost?

Once one has grasped the eligibility and financial prerequisites for obtaining a UK spouse visa, it is necessary to examine the detailed analysis of the true expenses associated with the application procedure. We will take care of the official visa fees as well as any additional expenses to make this procedure more doable and less daunting.

Official UK Spouse Visa Application Fees
The official visa fee for a spouse visa application submitted from outside the United Kingdom as of 2024 is £1,846. The fee is £1,048 if you are applying from within the United Kingdom. The Home Office’s regular application fees are listed below, and they are subject to change annually.

When submitting the application, you must pay the visa fees and the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) online. The IHS, which is a one-time contribution of £1,035 per year, is required in order to grant the applicant access to the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. Additionally, the registration of biometric data carries a £19.20 cost.

Unfortunately, in the event that your application is denied, the Home Office does not reimburse the visa application fees. However, if your application is rejected, you withdraw it, or you paid more than you should have, your IHS charge is refunded.

Note that visa fees usually change annually, so it’s crucial to keep an eye on updates from the Home Office to ensure you’re aware of the most recent fees when you apply.

Other Costs Of A UK Spouse Visa

The official fees for a spouse visa UK application only tell half the story. In reality, there are numerous ‘hidden costs’ that can raise the total amount you’ll need to budget for. Let’s explore these often-overlooked expenses.

A. Document Translations

If your evidence of support is not in English or Welsh, a certified translator must translate them. This can cost anywhere from £20 to £50 per page, based on the document’s language and complexity. 

B. Tuberculosis Test Cost 

For applicants from certain countries, a tuberculosis (TB) test is a mandatory requirement. The test must be taken at a clinic approved by the Home Office, and the costs can vary depending on the country, but you should budget around £100 for this.

C. English Language Test Costs

Unless you are a citizen of a majority-English-speaking country or possess a degree taught in English, you must pass an English language exam (a1 level) administered by an authorised provider. These examinations can cost anywhere between £150 and £250.

D. Applying Dependant Children

If you’re planning to bring dependent children to the UK, there are additional costs to consider. The application fee for each dependant is the same as the main applicant, meaning you’ll have to pay the full visa fee and Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) for each child.

E. Lawyer Fees

Hiring an immigration lawyer to assist with your application can be a wise investment. While fees vary depending on the complexity of your case and the reputation of the law firm, you should expect to pay for assistance related to making a visa application. 

G. Priority Visa Service Fees 

This is an option step for those who want fast results. The Home Office provides a Priority Service and a Super Priority Service for those who wish to expedite their application’s processing time. As of 2023, the Priority Service (decision within 6 weeks) costs £500, and the Super Priority Service (decision within 24 hours) costs £800.

When combined, these hidden costs can significantly increase the financial commitment required for a UK spouse visa application. Therefore, having a clear understanding of these potential expenses at the outset is crucial to avoid unpleasant surprises and ensure a smooth, well-planned application journey.

How UK Spouse Visa Can Help

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