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Combining Income for a UK Spouse Visa | Essential Guide

combining income

Introduction To secure a UK partner or family visa, applicants must meet the strict minimum financial requirement as outlined in Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules which mandates applicants earn a minimum annual income of £29,000 (excluding the additional amount required for any child dependants on the spouse visa). In this article, we aim to […]

UK Civil Partnership Visa Rules, Requirements & Criteria Explained

civil partner

Understanding the intricacies of the UK Civil Partner Visa is key step for partners planning to establish their lives together in the United Kingdom. This visas primary objective is to facilitate and provide a pathway for non-UK residents who are in a ‘genuine and subsisting’ civil partnership with a British citizen or someone who is settled in […]

UK Spouse Visas Entry Clearance Application Guide 2024

Entry Clearance

A UK spouse visa, also known as a UK partner visa, allows the non-UK nationals to stay, work, and study in the UK as long as they are the spouse of a British citizen or a person with settled status in the UK (Indefinite Leave To Remain). However, before entering the UK, it’s essential to […]