How to Extend a UK Fiancé Visa | A Complete Guide

extending a UK spouse visa

UK fiancé visa

Can I work in the UK on an extended Fiancé visa?

  • No, holders of a Fiancé visa, including those with extended visas, are not permitted to work in the UK. You must switch to a Spouse visa to gain employment rights.

What happens if I can’t marry within the extended period?

  • If you are unable to marry within the extended period due to further extenuating circumstances, you may need to apply for another extension or explore other visa options, such as reapplying from outside the UK.

How long does the extension process take?

  • The processing time can vary, but typically it takes about 8 weeks. However, it can be longer based on individual circumstances and documentation completeness.

Can I travel outside the UK on an extended Fiancé visa?

  • Yes, you can travel outside the UK, but you should ensure that your travel does not affect your continuous residence requirement for future applications like Spouse visa or ILR.

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