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EU Settlement Scheme | UK Visas and Immigration 2024

EU Settlement Scheme

The EU Settlement Scheme stands as a pivotal mechanism for European Union citizens and their family members residing in the United Kingdom. Launched in the wake of Brexit, this scheme aims to provide stability and assurance to eligible individuals, ensuring their continued rights and privileges within the UK. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into […]

Can I Study While on a UK Fiancé Visa? | A Complete Legal Guide

studying on a UK fiancé visa

Key Takeaways Aspect Detail Fiancé Visa Study Rights Not permitted to study Recommended Alternative Switch to a Spouse Visa for study opportunities Immigration Advice Instructing a Solicitor is Key The UK Fiancé Visa is a very specifically designed UK immigration route that allow individuals to enter the UK with the intent to marry their UK citizen or […]

UK Visa Expiry Rules 2024

Visa Expiry Rules

Visiting or residing in the United Kingdom often involves acquiring the necessary visas to comply with immigration regulations. Understanding UK visa expiry rules is crucial for anyone holding a visa to ensure legal compliance and avoid potential penalties. Introduction to UK Visa Expiry Rules Visa expiration dates signify the end of a visa’s validity period. […]

UK Spouse Visa Solicitors Manchester | Immigration-24

UK Spouse Visa Solicitors Manchester

A UK Spouse Visa solicitors Manchester is a legal professional or law firm based in Manchester, England, that specializes in assisting individuals with the application process for a UK Spouse Visa. This type of visa allows spouses or civil partners of UK residents or citizens to join them and live in the UK. Spouse visa […]

Exemptions to 2024 Spouse visa Requirements & Application Guide

2024 spouse visa

Introduction In 2024 the UK Spouse Visa is going under adjustments to not only. In this UK spouse visa guide we aim to detail and outline the new visa changes for applicants, highlighting the increase in the income thresholds and offering a more detailed overview of how to effectively manage a spouse visa application in […]