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Applying for a UK Same-Sex Partner Visa | A Complete Guide

same-sex partner visa

A Same-Sex Partner Visa allows an individual who is in a genuine and subsisting same-sex relationship, and has cohabited for the last 2 years with a British Citizen, to live, work, and study in the UK. This visa ensures that same-sex couples have equal rights in terms of immigration, providing a viable route to live together in […]

Does a Fiancé Visa Lead to ILR? | A 2024 Immigration Guide

Fiance Visa

What Is A UK Fiancé Visa? A fiancé visa, also known as a Prospective Marriage Visa, allows individuals to enter the UK for the purpose of marrying their UK-based partner. It’s a common first step for couples planning to live together in the UK. To apply for a UK Fiancé Visa, individuals must submit their […]

Can I Live in the UK If I Marry a British Citizen?

Marriage to a UK citizen

Marrying a British citizen is usually a significant milestone in someone’s life., however, a common question that entails this is: “Does marrying a British citizen automatically grant me the right to live in the UK?”? The straightforward answer is “not always”. It is a common misconception that marriage to a British national automatically grants the no-British national […]