Apply For ILR In The UK | Spouse Visa Route In 2024


Key Takeaways Table

For those on the 5-year route, it’s essential to have held a spouse visa for exactly 5 years before applying for ILR. This period must have been spent living in the UK as the spouse of a British national or settled person.

  1. Financial Requirement: The minimum income threshold is £18,600. Applicants can meet this through earnings from employment, self-employment, or a combination of sources.
    • Please Note* From April 11th 2024 the spouse route to Indefinite Leave To Remain financial requirement will be increasing to £29,000 per annum for those who apply after this implementation date.
  2. Accommodation Requirement: You must provide evidence of adequate accommodation without breaching overcrowding or public health standards.
  3. Knowledge of English and Life in the UK (KoLL) Requirement: A B1 level of English and passing the “Life in the UK” test are mandatory.
  4. Genuine and Subsisting Relationship: Evidence must be provided to prove the relationship is ongoing and genuine.
  5. Absences Requirement: While there’s no strict limit on absences, they must be for a good reason, reflecting the intention to live together permanently in the UK.

Summary PointsDetails
Understand Your RouteDistinguish between the 5-year and 10-year routes to ILR to accurately plan your application timeline.
Meet the Financial RequirementEnsure you meet the £18,600 minimum income threshold, adjusting for any dependents, and understand how savings can supplement income.
Meet The Adequate AccommodationProvide clear and concise evidence of your living conditions, showing that are not overcrowded and meet public health regulations.
Prove Your Relationship Is GenuineProvide evidence to demonstrate a genuine and subsisting relationship with your partner.
Satisfy the KoLL RequirementAchieve the required B1 level in English and pass the Life in the UK test, unless exempt.
Instruct a Immigration SolicitorThe value of consulting with an immigration lawyer cannot be underestimated, we can provide professional and legal advice for your application process.